WOMEN Fashion



The deep wonder felt in the presence of the ethereal beauty of light hitting stained glass windows is the starting point of the SHIATZY CHEN Spring Summer 2017 collection. For Ms. Shiatzy Chen, designer and founder, this profound visual emotion manifested itself during a visit to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona where the continual interaction between grandeur and delicateness, the changing lights and the clouds seen through the stained glass windows were the creative spark that inspired her new collection, with its bold colors and exquisite silhouettes. The Cutting Clouds collection was born.

The dialog between the tangible concrete architecture of the cathedral and this luminous abstraction resulted in a geometric contour that recalls the Art Deco style of the 1920s. By lengthening lines, mixing happily silks and light pleats while breaking free from a purely classical silhouette, the new SHIATZY CHEN collection reveals the boyish charms of a self-confident woman.

Drawing inspiration from the movement of light, SHIATZY CHEN juxtaposes the oriental proclivity for precious embroideries and jacquards to a fluid and refined silhouette. Playing on stained-glass elements paired with luxuriant details of floral vines, the collection transcends a classic idea of Oriental beauty into the unified beauty of East and West.